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  1. Hi Guys, Im having problems with the logic here. Im just basically creating an accordion type menu but instead of going downwards, i want it to go upwards. I attached a rough screenshot to make it more clear So basically, the registration point of the boxes are set at the bottom. the height will be resized upwards and the rest of the boxes will adjust depending on the currently active box. So for example you clicked on the middle box, its height will increase and the top box will adjust and move up. Thanks!!!!
  2. Hello Master Jack! So I've studied the code and I pretty much understand some of it. The only thing that is a bit new to me is this basic method call of startDrag(). _container.startDrag(false, new Rectangle(_panelBounds.x - 9999, _panelBounds.y, 99999, 0)); Specifically the 9999 values. What does it mean?
  3. WOW! the code u used here is like 1/4th of my own code lols. Thank you very much Master Jack!!! Ill study the code right away Thanks again!!!
  4. Already fixed it. I tried deleting the library folders and then repasted it again lols. Its seems theres some kind of a caching issue. Really unexplainable in my opinion. Thanks Master Jack!!!!
  5. I think its on my end Master Jack. I tried to erase all of my code and just leave the code with liquid stage in it and it works. hmmm.. I wonder what part of my code is triggering this issue????????
  6. This is really weird, I also tested it using a new Flash document, Applied liquid stage, but it doesnt give me any warnings/errors at all. arghhhh!!! But when i tested it using that specific FLA file, it gives me that error T_T
  7. hmmm, deleted the ASO files but error still occurs. I prepared some screenies below: here's the error message... and then, when i try to remove this block of code, the error disappears... Im using the updated SWC also... [scratch's head] When i revert it back to the old greensock library (the one without the throwprops) it works perfectly...
  8. Hmmm. Ill try to clear my ASO files. Its really weird lols. Ill let you know if clearing the ASO files resolves the issue
  9. I reverted back to my old greensock library (without the ThrowProps) and it works now. Hmm, any advice on the updated library Master Jack?
  10. Then when I try pointing the actual library files (not the SWC), it gives me this error: com\greensock\layout\LiquidArea.as, Line 207 1118: Implicit coercion of a value with static type Object to a possibly unrelated type String.
  11. Just updated my greensock library and when i tested one of my projects, I get this error: Error: LiquidStage warning: please update your TweenLite class to at least version 11.51 at http://www.TweenLite.com. at com.greensock.layout::LiquidStage() I'm a bit confused since I directly downloaded the updated libraries on my accounts page T_T Please advise Master Jack Thanks!!!
  12. Hmm, I can't upload the images because its too big. Just use any image and name it p1.jpg p2.jpg and so on...
  13. Thanks for the super quick reply Master Jack I don't want to ask again without doing something first because I have an experience where some people gets easilly pissed off if you ask too much without doing anything first So yeah, basically, I assembled a working sample of the Image Flicker and its basically usable (so people out there who likes to use this source, please go ahead ) You just click and drag and it will basically go to the next image. The only thing I can't make to work is the threshold you mentioned on your previous post. The images will only scroll IF, the X coordinate of the currently active image is greater than the stage / 2. I want it to scroll like the one you mentioned before, using an specific threshold. So if you flick it a bit faster, it will scroll, but if you flick it slow, it will just tween on its original position. The files attached are the FLASH CS4 fla, the images (which are basically my artworks dedicated for Japan earthquake ), and the XML where the data of the images are stored. And yeah, this source file is usable, I just want to improve it and work similar to the behaviour on iOS PS: Im using full greensock library for animation and loading it rocks man!
  14. Hello Guys, I just recently downloaded the new plugin by master jack called ThrowProps. I hope I'm not asking too much, but im really weak when it comes to mathematical computations. Just wanna ask if there someone who can point me to the right direction I basically want to create an image gallery (horizontal) and i want to browse through it like on iOS. Flick once, then it will show the next image, and so on... Master Jack, if youre reading this, can you assist if you have the time Thank You Sooo Much!!!