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  1. Apologies, "not working", bad choice of words. I actually think the TM has nothing to do with it now. I apply the TM to a loaded Bitmap which it then happily transforms perfectly. The issue I'm having is if I reset the app I'm building and load in another Bitmap it retains all of the previous transformations. I thought if I removed the target & then destroyed the TM that would reset things. I now think that I need to reset the dimensions & positioning of the container clip.
  2. How can I delete an instance of the TM? I'm using destroy() but it does not seem to be working...
  3. Excellent thanks. I found that with applying a mask using code rather than timeline layers worked fine. Also I applied the mask after applying the TM which was applied after the DisplayObject was fully loaded into it's container. If anyone else gets stuck with this Thanks again for a great set of classes
  4. Hi, I'm having a great time with the AS3 Transform Manager but I've run into a problem that I hope is easy to work around. My target MC is masked so the TM gets masked also. This is ok as long as I don't transform beyond the bounds of the mask but I lose the TM's handles if I do. Is there a method to force the TM above the mask while still allowing it to target the masked MC? Thanks!