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Shrug ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ last won the day on December 23 2019

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Shrug ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ last won the day on December 23 2019

Shrug ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ had the most liked content!

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  1. Welcome to the forum @PaulB It would be helpful if you could provide a simple example instance of your claims via a codepen. This would allow staff to evaluate these claims and assist in providing you some helpful feedback. If issues exist as you've stated then I’m sure @GreenSock would like to see an example so he can address things.
  2. Welcome to the forum @asilva I don't think any perceived sarcasm was intended, this forum is a very friendly place. Oddly that webflow demo loads Tweenmax but unless I am overlooking things or blind it appears any reference to GSAP in the code was removed or never called? Interestingly it seems derived from the below codepen by @@jesper.landberg which does use GSAP, but neither appear to call Draggable unless I blindly overlooked it. https://codepen.io/ReGGae/pen/QZxdVX Don’t know much about webflow but it appears you can clone that project into your own account from the below link and play with/modify it. https://webflow.com/website/Bouncing-Scroll If you have questions specific to webflow or how to implement that example along with other webflow features, then I would probably suggest asking on the webflow forums as that is specific to webflow.
  3. From his old blog you can find two pages of articles where he mentions using Adobe Edge Animate CC 2014 & Greensock’s Draggable along with some vague other hints. Edge stopped being developed in November of 2015 though. https://chrisgannon.wordpress.com/?s=motion
  4. Hi @abbe welcome to the forums. It sounds relatively identical to the thread below, please read the responses (and reasons) found here:
  5. Well as @PointC mentions above you can use ScrollMagic, he actually wrote a guest article (tutorial) on it which can be found here. But ScrollMagic appears behind regarding support for IntersectionObserver and GSAP 3 as seen in these few examples. https://github.com/janpaepke/ScrollMagic/pull/920 — GSAP 3 https://github.com/janpaepke/ScrollMagic/issues/918 — GSAP 3 https://github.com/janpaepke/ScrollMagic/issues/751 — IntersectionObserver Alternatively there is scrollama which does use IntersectionObserver. It is quite similar to ScrollMagic and continues to recieve updates. I have not tested it yet with GSAP 3, so do let us know how that goes if you (or anyone else) do so. I’m slightly surprised @GreenSock hasn’t just made one of his infamous and clever ’whipped up” helper functions leveraging IntersectionObserver for passing in GSAP timelines or tweens. So the staff can stop saying "ScrollMagic is not a GSAP product" here on the forum and that it might not be the best option (ha, ha), instead just point all references to that in house approach. ? You can also simply use vanilla IntersectionObserver on your own without the need for a library, you will find plenty of examples here within the forum.
  6. You may also gather some knowledge from the talking points discussed in this older article about using Timelines within GSAP 2. The general premise and benefits remain the same for version 3. Here is the blog post and referenced article.
  7. In the thread I posted above @PointC goes into various nuances about creating SVG masks for this sort of thing. See his post in this comment and also these links for a two part tutorial of his. If needed you can copy the SVG code from those examples, save it as an SVG file, then open it in a vector program to visually comprehend what is going on with the SVG setup better. I think those two links from the thread posted above should help you with your asset creation efforts and understanding.
  8. @c05dk Yes welcome, you might also find the following thread helpful regarding masking. https://greensock.com/forums/topic/18150-reveal-any-svg-shape-the-mask-way/
  9. Did you have a look at that old thread above, won't work for your case? Otherwise... Here is a basic example: https://stackoverflow.com/a/22624186 There are also libraries available such as these https://github.com/jonnyhaynes/inline-svg https://github.com/Gaya/svg-inliner https://github.com/createlogic/InlineSVG etc.,
  10. You might find some usefulness in this old thread. But +1 for inline SVG regarding ease of use.
  11. I would agree with @OSUblake. @Toobulo Why not break this down into a regular structural build ? Because with your current sprite sheet approach you require loading an image (that from your example) is 2.8 mb with tons of wasted pixels. That is an issue for page load and time to execution based upon its size. Instead why not create the box and growth text via regular HTML & CSS. The leaves used on each side are all the same, so break those down into separate optimized images of each leaf. Or better yet since your just scaling them, make just the two groupings of leaves for each side as two optimized images. Then load and position them as needed into your stucture and animate everything with a Timeline via x,y, scale, rotation, morph, masks, etc., (not a sprite sequence), because that 2.8 mb image is not really an optimized approach. You could even utilize SVG if desired. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Have a look at the fullpage.js documentation regarding the callbacks etc. But I would also think it best to contact the actual creator of fullpage.js and see what they would recommend based upon your needs. if you do please post back here with any findings or recomendations from them. You might also get some milage or thought from the example in this thread also? https://greensock.com/forums/topic/20030-fullpagejs-and-gsap-not-firing-onleave-animation/ Otherwise perhaps consider creating your own approach without fullpage.js, I believe there are some examples throughout the forum that could serve as launch points if you wish.
  13. ? @Sahil, I just wanted to say that its really good to see you posting again Sahil. Its been almost a year and I'm sure anyone whom has ever read one of your posts here at the forum is thankful that you're back and eager to see your participation again. Many of us really missed you Sahil, so welcome back its really great to see you !
  14. Thats correct. Thanks for the response Jack. I think the final version would be all anyone would require. Is it correct to understand that the 1 year of updates for memberships include major version releases? Meaning once a member you then get all updates for a year to the membership level regardless of version number releases, unlike some entities where major versions are an additional upgrade cost. If so perhaps the best would just be pull the trigger now, go green and have access to both versions - v2 then v3 when it releases. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. Hello everyone, Quick question, when you become a club member (addtional plugin benefits, etc.), do you also have access to older versions of GSAP? Meaning for instance if a person has a membership do they have the same access to all those same files of the previous version? I understand if you buy version 2 now, you get access to version 3 Beta and its imminent release. But once version 3 officially releases will member users have back access to version 2? If this is already addressed or discussed somewhere I appologize. Thanks for any insight. ?