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  1. Hi! I have the same problem! Is there a solution? I’m just choosing a framework for animation in the project, if this problem is solved, then I’ll buy a license and start using
  2. Всем привет! Ищем верстальщика в проект. Проект на React, требуется только верстка, логику писать не нужно! Hello! We are looking for a coder for the project. React project, only layout is required, no logic needs to be written!
  3. Alexygen


    this my test https://codepen.io/Alexygen/pen/dyGZOOQ I'm trying to make the horizontal scroll endless
  4. Alexygen


    how do infinity scroll like here https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/rNOebyo ?
  5. Alexygen


    don't work (( elements red, orange, purple and gray scrolling at the same time
  6. Alexygen


    Hi! Help me please! I don't understand why all elements .panel scrolling at the same time.And I need to block scrolling
  7. Alexygen

    Ball example

    Hello. I find example https://codepen.io/osublake/pen/7c4eae8dd686a125d631da761b164f2d How to make the ball flatten when it hits the wall? If I add code: .to( ball, { duration: 3, scaleY: 0.5, scaleX: 1.3, ease: "myBounce-squash", transformOrigin: "bottom", } ) and code import { CustomBounce } from "./plug/CustomBounce.js" import { CustomEase } from "./plug/CustomEase.js" gsap.registerPlugin(Draggable, InertiaPlugin, CustomBounce, CustomEase) CustomBounce.create("myBounce", { strength: 0.7, squash: 3 }) this not work
  8. Thank you very mutch! I figured it out!!!
  9. I understand it. But then ease: "myBounce" fires earlier
  10. I see, but after line: to('#smile', { duration: 0.1, x: 100, y: 150, rotation: 360 animation stops for a split second and the next one is executed, there is no smoothness. Question how to do without transition. so that the smile falls down without stopping
  11. how to remove the delay between .to('#smile', { duration: 0.1, x: 100, y: 150, rotation: 360 and }) .to('#smile', { duration: 0.3, y: 350, ease: "myBounce" }, "+=0.2") Now the smile shifts to the right and down and after down and jumps, but there is a delay
  12. your animation turned out completely different!