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  1. After spending the day with this. I couldn't seem to get if (tl && tl.isActive()) { tl.progress(1); } to run... the .isActive()... I couldn't get it to return true & thus executing the .progress(1) method. I discovered the error in my code, however... (for posterity, I'll note it). It's the nature of useEffect() in react. useEffect requires a dependency for the behavior that I expected. therefore: const ModeNameDisplay = ({ mode }) => { let txtBox = useRef(null) useEffect(()=> { gsap.set(txtBox, {
  2. @PointC That looks like it will help lots. Thanks so much. I'll take a look at it tonight! -Beau
  3. First of all, I hope everyone is well & healthy. My apologies for not creating a codepen usecase–the complexity is a bit over my head for this example to put into codepen. I am posting a URL for an app (for phones only at the moment), I hope it's okay. (App URL) I have the beginning of an app displaying images illustrating the effects of mix-blend-mode properties. The bottom right button cycles through 15 mix-blend-modes. Sadly, it has various animation problems atm 🙄😭... Principally, I'm runni
  4. Um... lol... ::facepalm:: nice..~! Cheers! -B
  5. hello GSAPPERS! It's been a long time since I've been here. I love this forum, I'm finally given the freedom to use GSAP in prod ... Wooohoo~! And GSAP3.0 ftfw!~!!! just in time! ...okay... Now that that's said. I'm building in gastby/react, netlify. I'm importing thus: import gsap from "gsap"; And I'm receiving the error on Netlify Build... "10:29:47 PM: Can't resolve 'gsap' in '/opt/build/repo/src/components/calendar'" I have also tried... import {gsap} from "gsap"; And I'm
  6. I thought I might thank the people in this thread for helping me to make this happen. @Rodrigo & @OSUblake
  7. @rodrigo Thanks so much for this reply. I'm needing of a "push over the edge". I've taken your point about the modifying of the prototype. I've taken your point about the "string refs"--I've opted to use the callbacks (after a bit of a rabbit hole adventure). I simply can't seem to implement this code into a full working example. I wonder if you'd kindly help me out. Perhaps it will help others in future. Thx again for all of your hard work. -Beau
  8. Really, really helpful... as was your article on gsap & react: https://greensock.com/react thanks so much. I'll try to put it all together using ref callbacks & see if I don't break the internet with it. -B
  9. Dear GSAP Magicians, I have an array of 5 fruits and 5 veggies (concat-ed) into one array of 10 (<li>) elements. They move from left to right in a very simple tl.to() timeline. (Using React, I'm dutifully targeting with refs.) What I wish to do is randomize 3 things: 1) the element moved 2) their velocity (duration) (and perhaps) 3) the "-=n" delay (so that more than a single element would perhaps be in motion at the same time. I have a fancy-schmancy method on the prototype that would (seem to) give m
  10. This looks interesting I would like to know about this, too! (wish I could help, btw).
  11. Your solution (#2) works! beau.haus thanks so much!
  12. incredibly helpful... I'll try to work on a test case and post it. Many thanks!