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  1. This seems a bit complicated, specially since I've done the same, tried switching the imports but I just can't get this working... Hope you guys are the magical creatures I believe you are.
  2. Hey @GreenSock, I updated my repo from last time you helped me, just clone again from github.com:TomerBrosh/gsap-premium-react.git Really need to fix this building issue ASAP Thanks in advance! P.S: I've copied the files in the root folder and also into the /umd/ folder and tried with both... even if im not using TweenLite it fails on TweenLite.js because EasePack is using it? I'm not sure what's happening here T:\Projects\gsap-premium-react>npm run build > gsap-premium-react@0.1.0 build T:\Projects\gsap-premium-react > react-scripts b
  3. Hey Guys, just updated to 2.0.0, also in 1.20.6 had this same problem... > react-scripts build Creating an optimized production build... Failed to compile. Failed to minify the code from this file: ./node_modules/gsap/TweenLite.js:1966 Read more here: http://bit.ly/2tRViJ9 npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE npm ERR! errno 1 npm ERR! endor@0.1.0 build: `react-scripts build` npm ERR! Exit status 1
  4. Thanks a lot guys! I'll check it right away ❤️
  5. I've updated my repo with the new update and placed the new files. That debugger that's freezing you though, can't find it, not in my project at least, maybe an extension? I'm seeing no debuggers or bugs, and still drawSVG does nothing.
  6. Don't worry about the props and that, the problem is that with TweenMax the drawSVG didn't do nothing. Also you probably should place the DrawSVG and MorphSVG plugins in the node_modules/gsap, I've got them in a folder inside the root folder
  7. No errors, just nothing happening. I've set up a git repo with a simplified version of my code, you guys care to send me your git usernames so i'll invite you? https://github.com/TomerBrosh/gsap-premium-react (but it's private) I've put in it only the DrawSVGPlugin and MorphSVGPlugin @Dipscom if you can take a look i've invited you, just check inside src/UIContainer/index.js https://github.com/TomerBrosh/gsap-premium-react/invitations
  8. Since I also need to use DrawSVGPlugin, i'd love to get some help getting it working on my project, and since rotating each "thick part" around an svgOrigin point will be pretty difficult, I think copying the arcs and getting the layer on top to move with TweenMax.fromTo('#layer-on-top',5,{drawSVG:'0% 10%'}, {drawSVG:'90% 100%'}) would be the best way, but the TweenMax isn't recognizing the bonus-npm-files... Any got a setup working? since im using the create-react-app I can't really change the webpack configs to manually add the routes, and I'm sure someone figured it out...
  9. Couldn't figure out how to center the svgOrigin before, thought maybe something with the autoRotate:true would work. And for the DrawSVG, I placed it inside the gsap folder when I installed with npm, placed the bonus-files-for-npm files inside the gsap folder in the node_modules, yet I can't seem to connect TweenMax to it, it's like it doesn't even recognize drawSVG: 0... Any Ideas? I've been using the create-react-app package from npm also
  10. I've been using MorphSVGPlugin.pathDataToBezier to get the arc's path and all have been good, but I just can't make the first "handle" (and the other handles that aren't just simple circles) rotate and move correctly. any ideas? Also need a nice way to move the svg dots randomly inside the half circle. Thanks in advance