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  1. Thanks Jack! appreciated! @simonlucas you can join Ruffle project at github to contribute to a Flash plugin native emulator written in Rust and save your work and 24 years of code with actionscript1/2/3. For sure I won't reinvent the wheel and waste my time to reprogram 13 years of code research and development just because Adobe and google abandonned the plugin concept. If they don't care of us, we dont' care of them, that is simple. Now for sure the actionscript community will do all its best to keep millions SWF apps and games alive in webassembly and with the goal to run much bet
  2. Hi Carl, I'm also interested to get the AS2 and AS3 API docs for archiving but the link above is broken Thanks
  3. is xxx.vars.onComplete carry any event? is the callback example available in As2 too? thanks Update: Ok I found that adding onComplete:MyFunction,onCompleteParams:["{self}"] it will return the event with its target. thanks