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  1. Hi all, I am new to using ScrollTrigger (experience with GSAP library - which is awesome btw!). I am trying to trigger an SVG to draw in and draw out depending on the scroll position. I don't want the animation to be dependent on the scroll position so have set Scrub to false, so it triggers the full aniamtino to play on trigger. This working when scrolling down the page. How do I go about doing the same in reverse - so when the user scrolls back up the reverse happens and the svg draws back in and out. And any advice on tidying up the chaining/animation triggered would be great too. Any help would be really appreciated
  2. Hi ZachSaucier Thanks for your reply, your solution worked perfectly adding the will-change css property! Lifesaver! Also thanks for the advice on upgrading GSAP - will look into doing that Many thanks
  3. Hi all, I seemed to have unearthed a bug on Chrome and Edge (webkit I think) where staggered lines appear when and svg is animated down (specifically on scaling). The lines appear randomly (different on every load it seems) as it animates down to size. This appears to happen in webkit all of a sudden and was just going to see anyone has come across it at all and if you could propose a fix (be it a GSAP setting or CSS property)? My efforts so far have not done the trick. The below codepen demonstrates a simplified example which I have slowed down using timescale (does show at 1x) and also repeated. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Hi guys, Hope you're all safe and well! We're looking to work with some freelancers on a number of HTML5 Online Banner jobs - and happy to either work with a single developer on all of them, or to break it into smaller parts. Happy to provide more details, but needs an NDA, at which point we can talk day rates too :) Deadlines are ASAP... but that's the same with all projects isn't it :) Please drop us a line at digital@chscreative.com Thanks, Chris