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  1. Never thought of that for my solution. Thanks Carl!
  2. Thanks Cassie, that's nice solution which im using too for now. Maybe in a future version of GSAP .
  3. Hi all! I love to set some defaults at the start of my project, like the default duration and ease. Is it possible to set defaults specific for FROM or TO animations? Something like this: gsap.defaults({ 'from': { ease: 'power3.in', duration: 0.6 }, 'to': { ease: 'power1.out', duration: 0.2 } }); Any idea?
  4. Hi Dipscom, That does work. Thanks! Can you also explain why my version doesnt work? So if you put the className toggle on a clickEvent (and outside the timeline)? It looks like its overwriting the other. Although im using -= and += so it shouldnt happen.. Thanks again
  5. Hi there, I'm building a custom collapse navigation. See codepen: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/GZKmaR The 'nav' element needs to toggle two classNames. If its collapsed (by click), and if its animating(by timeline). Some how, the 'collapsed' class will not be removed if you close the navigation. If i remove the +=animating classnames in the timeline, it will work.. Of course, i can rebuild the HTML and toggle the className on another element to fix this issue, but i dont want that Does anyone has the same issue and is there a simple fix?