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  1. Heyhey- actually you are my first response ;). Just returned from lunch and I'll be here till the next hours. I would b happy if you find time for me. I'll write you a PM for further comms.
  2. Dear community, I will need to setup up a very simple landingpage for my company within the next 24 hours (I'm optimistic to get by with that). It would just be nice to have some kind of small logo-animation. I'm thinking about how to improve the look and feel a bit and came up with some simple ideas. But as I'm a total greensock-noob it's impossible for me to do anyway - I thought maybe someone is out there who is experienced and fast enough to get something done in that short time. If u think u are able to help me out, I'll be happy if you PM me. I'll get some sleep now and will check back in around 4-5 hours. I'm totally open for your price suggestions, can pay in crypto or paypal (for example) and I'm willing to get into audio/video to speak about it - your call. I thought would be worth to give it a shot here. Maybe I'm lucky - thanks in advanced!