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  1. Hello Beings of Supreme Tech Wizardry, I've got an issue with some jumping "text" in an animation. The text is actually a union of SVG paths. The lower text path contains the basic path for the text letters and the upper text path contains the cutouts for the R's. However, there a strange jump in text near the end of the sequence. The flag background animates perfectly. Any ideas to what could be causing this and a fix? Update: I've found a method that works which repeats a single SVG Morph with yoyo though I'd really like to specify more states to fine tune the animation. Ex: var hurryTextLowerAnimation = new TimelineMax({ repeat: -1, yoyo: true }); hurryTextLowerAnimation.to("#text-lower-1", 0.5, { ease: SteppedEase.config(3), morphSVG: "#text-lower-3" }); Thanks! https://codepen.io/rayjon/full/JMagzV