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  1. Thanks - I notice the change you made from: _doc.visibilityState !== "hidden" to ((_doc || {}).visibilityState !== "hidden" I suspect that will fix it. Nice work! Since I was only using TimelineMax I ended up changing it so that I only required the TimelineMax module // var gsap = require('gsap'); // don't need the entire suite, so I'll just require TimelineMax on its own var TimelineMax = require('./node_modules/gsap/TimelineMax'); So that way there is no TweenMax initialized which I think was an easier fix in my case. .. By the way, first time poster, but long-time user of GreenSock (used to use AS version). I was delighted to discover it actually worked in node.js and was able to use it for orchestrating timelines of events on the server. Brilliant stuff!
  2. Hi, thanks, a codepen wont replicate this issue because as I said, it is running in a node.js script, but the code is: var gsap = require('gsap'); TweenMax.ticker.fps(24); TweenMax.lagSmoothing(0); var timeline = new TimelineMax({ //repeat: -1 onStart: () => { console.log('timeline started'); } }); timeline.add(() => { console.log ('test');}, 10 ); timeline.add(() => { console.log ('test');}, 20 ); timeline.add(() => { console.log ('test');}, 30 ); timeline.add(() => { console.log ('test');}, 40 ); It runs fine until the CPU gets under stress and then TweenMax seems to run into that issue where it is looking for a visibilityState on a _doc that doesnt exist.
  3. i am using TimelineMax in node and occasionally getting this: I am assuming this is because there is no doc with a visibilityState.... Anyone have any ideas how I could fix this? Ideally without having to modify the gsap source