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  1. ajando

    Loop certain area

    Awesome! Thank you so much <3
  2. ajando

    Loop certain area

    Thanks a lot This was exactly what I was looking for!!! Only one part is missing: I was trying to animate those waves simultaneously. I forked your pen: Why the animation doesn't start at the same time, since both referring to the label .add("back", 3.5) Thanks for the welcome btw!
  3. ajando

    Loop certain area

    Hi Im relativ new to gsap and im also not that big of a JS geek, so I'm trying to fiddle my stuff with the forums and the documentaries. But now i got kind of stuck... Im trying to draw those rings (see demo) and afterwards let them do this wave thingy. After that, it should repeat at .addLabel('start') I tried the seek(); staggerFromTo(); and other stuff (e.g. http://jsfiddle.net/geekambassador/eMGsc/), but it might be also a small syntaxerror? Maybe someone can help me Greetings