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  1. Hello, Thanks for the demo stub It helped me to find the Problem. It appears that the Draggable plugin does not work properly with TweenLite. Appearently I switched at a time to use TweenLite instead of TweenMax without noticing that something broke. Now it works as I use TweenMax again, thanks!
  2. There was a time when I used to have an SVG chart to be dragged along and snapping on the existing x values. Had the ThrowProps to have a nice throwed slide along the x axis. And it worked fine. Since more than a week ago it just stopped to work properly. Neither the snap nor the throw props work. The Snap function for the x value - as I provide it - is not even called. There is no exception thrown. It just doesn't do more than being draggable and only snaps to the bounds. How might I debug that? I have no clue xD T
  3. @OSUblake Thanks! the thread is indeed very useful
  4. hi @OSUblake No I did not notice any notification^^ Well the thing about eval is produced by webpack. I would like to not have the evals just did not find a way around them. As it probably would mean not to use webpack at all. I liked the Idea to add all the css and js to the HTML - if I have a buildsystem why shouldn't it complete the task?
  5. Yess, finally - I had to cleanly remove all require's and that fixed the Webpack issue which was left. Still regarding GSAP the NPM Package and the Webpack import - the problem is that this specified comment line is causing a breakout of the script tag corrupting the whole document.
  6. still did not win the battle. But probably it is worth adding some information. The Pug appears to behave exactly how it should. As it parses 1:1 the bundle.js where it should inside a script tag in the head. I also noticed that the section where it becomes torn apart is a pretty long comment inside ./node_modules/gsap/TweenLite.js /**\n\t\t\t * @constructor\n\t\t\t * Defines a GreenSock class, optionally with an array of dependencies that must be instantiated first and passed into the definition.\n\t\t\t * This allows users to load GreenSock JS files
  7. Well does produce the same strings in the HTML. I've tried for all the variations of synthax how to use import which I could find here: https://greensock.com/docs/NPMUsage Currently I'm thinking that for the build process as tought maybe the problem is with pug - as the bundle.js looks ~"ok" - ignoring all the evals.^^ But it appears to only fail when importing something off gsap.
  8. Well I have this bundling process: Starting with coffeescript files being transpiled to their counterpart js files in single directory. So for all those JS files I can include and use them then with: require "./moduleX.js" Then bundle them with webpack to a single bundle.js And then I use pug to include the bundle.js into the single HTML file. The Problem: When using import TweenMax from "gsap/TweenMax" weird strings appear in the HTML outside of script tags and render the whole HTML useless. Such strings are