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  1. Hi @OSUblake Thanks. For the actual game, i used canvas and vanilla javascript, it is actually based on the code from Jakes Gordon - https://github.com/jakesgordon/javascript-racer, but heavily modified and optimized. On top of that, TweenMax is used for animation of all UI elements, for example when you collect coins, and the minimap etc. Right now, the game is not playable online as it was a project i created as a campaign for a customer. But I will see if i can get the game online on another link for you guys to try out I will get back to you here, when i figure out how. - Plenge
  2. Hi @mikel & @OSUblake. As promised, here is a link to a short video, showcasing the result. https://streamable.com/sgntm The animation we talked about was to create a minimap for the actual game, so the minimap in the bottom left corner, is using the principal of your code examples. I believe it turned out pretty well Thank you again for the help, it was highly appreciated. - Plenge
  3. Hi @mikel & @OSUblake. Thank you for the great examples, i made it work, and it works incredibly well. I will make sure to post a link, gif or small video when its done Huge thumbs up from here! - Plenge
  4. I am trying to create a minimap for a little game. First i started creating a full map in SVG, and then animated the player icon alongside the path. But is it possible to reverse the behaviour, so that the player icon stays, and the path itself, is animating, moving and rotating anchored to the player icon? Just like the image below. Any help is highly appreciated. current code: motionPath = MorphSVGPlugin.pathDataToBezier('#motion-path', {align:'#player-dot'}); TweenLite.set('#player-dot', {xPercent:-50, yPercent:-50}); tl.to('#player-dot', 2, { bezier:{values:motionPath, type:'cubic'}, ease: Power0.easeNone });