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  1. Hey thx. It seems working out. May by it will be use to create callback when scroll is at bottom of / top. Than onUpdate will no have to trigger every time.
  2. Hello based on this example I want to check when scroll reach end, and then load more data as append from feth method and show them (divs). Is there any example on that ? I check doc and I don`t see any callback onScroll end or some think like that.
  3. It working great ! That getBezier function is insane i would never write this Is there any wait to start animation after 2 second? When i add delay attrib it works but it moves my element to after delay place.
  4. Hello, First of all great tool for animating. I just start play with this and i want to create animation to circle around border of div. I create little pen for experiment but i can't figure out how to set transformOrgin just right. Is it possible to have some params from js as passing arguments ? If i change size of my circle div to animation follows ?