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  1. As I encourage you to "top" property of an element with percentage value? Thanks
  2. Perfect! This tip solved my problem. Thank you!
  3. Again I apologize for the english, I'm using Google Translate. I'm having a problem with an img object, I'm animating it with rotateX, is working perfectly. But when it animates, is set to top his property, and he lines up in my website is at bottom. So when you resize the window, it does not follow the footer and the layout misalignment. How can I solve this? I'm using: TweenMax.from(cenario_rodape, 0.5, { css:{ rotationX:-90, transformOrigin:"center bottom" }, ease:Back.easeOut }) Thank you.
  4. Already discovered, hehe. It was only applied to property transformStyle as "preserve-3d".
  5. bruno.swf

    Problem with 3D

    First, sorry for my english, I'm using Google Translate. I'm trying to get the effect shown below, only for studies. Mas está ficando assim. Realize that the effect of perspective is quite different. The objects just seem to have a greater or lesser scale and not the distance between them. I'm doing this: jQuery(document).ready(function($) { var container = $('.container'); var box = $('.box'); var container_perspective = 600; $('section .box').each(function(index){ TweenMax.to($(this), 0, { css:{z:getRamdon(-100,100), transformPerspective:container_perspective} }); }); $('section').on('mousemove', function(e){ var w_section = $(this).width(); var h_section = $(this).height(); var p_px = ((e.pageX - w_section / 2) / (w_section / 2)); var p_py = ((e.pageY - h_section / 2) / (h_section / 2)); var r_y = 70 * p_px; var r_x = -70 * p_py; TweenMax.to(container, 1, { css:{rotationY:r_y, rotationX:r_x, transformPerspective:container_perspective} }); }); }); function getRamdon (min, max) { return Math.random() * (max - min) + min; } Thank you.
  6. How do I reverse a TimelineMax infinitely?
  7. Hello I have a problem with LiquidStage. This left 1px footer, depending on the height of the browser. Here is a printscreen of the error for viewing. Is to note that the 1px white and between the bottom edge of the browser. What's the solution?
  8. Hello. I'm having a problem with LiquidArea. He has a maxWidth set, but I would like it to be centered on the screen after that width is reached. The code I'm using is this: var _ls:LiquidStage = new LiquidStage(this.stage, 1000, 590, 1000, 590); var _la_mat:LiquidArea = new LiquidArea(this, 50, 450, 900, 90, 0xff0000, 900, 90, 1200, 90, false); _la_mat.pinCorners(_ls.BOTTOM_LEFT, _ls.BOTTOM_RIGHT, true); _la_mat.preview = true; Any solution? Text by GoogleTranslate
  9. Sorry. Now updated the classes and returned to work perfectly. Thanks for the answers.
  10. Here, when I use ScaleMode.NONE, "mc" is not within the liquidArea. Only when I use ScaleMode.STRETCH. But I just want to bring the "mc" and not resize it.
  11. FLA (CS5): [attachment=0]test.rar[/attachment]
  12. Hello I'm trying to use the LiquidArea to position an object, without sizing it, but I can not. The object is not in the correct position when I set ScaleMode.NONE, but if I set any kind of ScaleMode it aligns properly. Below the code I'm using. import com.greensock.layout.LiquidStage; import com.greensock.layout.LiquidArea; import com.greensock.layout.ScaleMode; import com.greensock.layout.AlignMode; var _ls:LiquidStage = new LiquidStage(this.stage, 1000, 590); var _la:LiquidArea = new LiquidArea(this, 760, 75, 200, 200, 0x990000, 200, 200, 200, 200); _la.preview = true; _la.pinCorners(_ls.TOP_RIGHT, _ls.BOTTOM_RIGHT); _la.update(); _la.attach(mc, ScaleMode.NONE, AlignMode.RIGHT, AlignMode.TOP); _ls.update(); Thank you. Ps.: Translated by Google Translate.
  13. I do not know if using bitmapData solve my problem. To be clear, I'll explain what I'm doing. I carry a picture, and cut it into several pieces, those pieces will appear random-mind, with the effects of alpha and ColorTransform. This is the link of the effect that I'm doing:http://tikiweb.com.br/bruno_teste/image_effect/effect.swf Is there any other way to apply these effects in parts of the picture without cutting it? Thanks.
  14. I'm using LiquidArea to resize a MovieClip. There are smaller MovieClips inside that MovieClip, and those MovieClips are positioned in a "puzzle" fashion, filling all the stage area (no space between them). Here's the problem: when the LiquidArea gets resized, the MovieClips become disconnected from each other; i.e, there is now space between the MovieClips, which was not there before the resize. I've attached two images to this message so you can see the problem.