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  1. k, i solved this by using : let square = document.getElementById("square") //do animation this.Timeline.to(square, 1, { height: 0, y: 15/*half of the y of your svg viewbox*/ }) this.Timeline.to(square, 1, { height: 30/*maxheight of your svg viewbox*/, y: 0 })
  2. can you maybe change the title of this topic to how to "clear" instead of restart .... thanks
  3. Hey Sahil i added two lines of code document.getElementById('btn').addEventListener('click', function(){ clear = Math.ceil(tl.time()); tl.time(clear) //added tl.clear() //added }); so now it finishes the frame first and then clears thank you
  4. Hey Carl , 1st thank you 2nd i found its actualy the clear() method that i have trouble with. If the user clicks the button 5.4 seconds into a 20 second long animation they should watch the animation play till second 6 and then timeline shall clear
  5. Hi there, i have a timelineMax with many animations added. when i click a button i want reset the timeline and add completly new animations to the timeline so i do: timeline.clear() timeline.to(myAnimation) timeline.restart() unfortunately some svgs are stuck in the middle of the former Animations, because the restart/clear doesnt wait till the end of those animation, but interrupts them. How can i wait till the current animation has finished and then restart/clear? Im not at the end of the timeline so timeline.progress() is not an option. Thank you
  6. Hi there , i want to animate an svg rectangle so it flips one time. Back and front have the same color. when i execute this.Timeline.to(square, 4, { fill: "red", rotationY:180} ) it does the fill, but not the rotation what am i doing wrong ?