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  1. Of course a 4.6MB SVG is too large! I'm a @£$%ing idiot. Having said that, I've just switched the SVG out for a JPG that's 630kb, and the map is still slow to respond. I've removed all animated elements from the mobile version of the site, so it's now simply a JPG background, with some links placed on top. The strange thing is, moving your finger across the map leads to short, sharp burst of movement after 1-2 seconds, however, if you leave your finger pressed for 1-2 seconds, and then drag the map, the map starts to respond and you can move the map around smoothly. I'll continue looking into this - I don't want to waste any more of your time - you've all been a real great help!
  2. Hi Jonathan, cheers for giving me a hand here. Did you check out the Codepen example I provided, on an iOS device? Even with the reduced test case, which contains no animations at all, the draggable map still takes around 2-3 seconds to respond to a touch event when you're using an iPhone or iPad. I really dont think it's a case that the animations are slowing things down - I mean, I might be wrong, but as the reduced example contains no animation and still isnt smooth on an iOS device, i'd assume the issue lies somewhere else. I've just reduced the size of the map image I was using, by half, to see if it was the size of the image that was slowing things down, however it's still as unresponsive as it was before. Pulling my hair out here.
  3. Hi guys, I appreciated your support. I was a bit stuck for time yesterday, and didnt fancy developing the whole map in codepen, however, I've just added the very basics i.e. just a background image with draggable enabled, and I immediately have issues with speed in ios. You can see the pen here As you can see, it's a really simple set up - a 3000px wide map, that you can drag around within your viewport. The live map has loads of vehicles moving around the map (all being transformed, rather than being move via left/right etc), so they will likely slow things down a little, however I dont understand why there's such a difference in response speed when you compare iOS to Android. Again, really appreciate any assistance you're able to provide. Kind regards Andrew
  4. Hi, I'm having real issues with a draggable map I've created, specifically on devices using iOS. My animations all run nicely, however when I press and try to drag the map around, there's a good 4-5 seconds before the page responds, and then the move happens instantly, rather than smoothly. If necessary I can provide you with a link to view the development site if that helps, however, I'll need to send it privately if possible? There are a number of layers creating the map, all stacked on top of each other - might this have something to do with it? Any help you're able to give me would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards