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  1. Hello, i have this this problem too. I want toggle the scale behavior. To reproduce you can simply use your example from your site. Scale an image and then click "force proportional scale". The image "jumps" to its normal proportions. But i need only enable/disable proportional scaling for objects in its current state. Is this possibly? greetings
  2. thanks for your commitment. i will try to imitate strokes with fills, that sounds funny.....
  3. For example use this little mxml Snippet, for sure its not a flex only problem. I played for a while with line joins and caps and i think thats the problem. Besides there are problems with rendering around the boundary. Has anybody an approach to deal with transform detailed line properties? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> minimum="1" maximum="30" value="10" dataTipPlacement="top" tickColor="black" snapInterval="1" tickInterval="10" labels="{[hSlider.minimum, hSlider.maximum]}" allowTrackClick="true" liveDragging="true" change="changeSize();"/>
  4. Hello, i want to add rectangles with an stroke as transform item for scaling rectangle size and change stroke weight about slider. But i have problems to set correct bounds and selection handles. When i use scale9grid there is a space between selection bounds and rectangle depends from scaling. When i set the stroke.scaleMode to none the stroke is not recognize by selection bounds. is there a way to realize scaling shapes strokes and correct bounds? cheers
  5. oh sorry, yes there is it exactly described. thanks for your answer.
  6. Hello, how could i pass post data to an imageLoader instance? Variables like method and data does not work. The loading result depends from the application and the recieved post data... greetings
  7. the last answer to this question http://forums.greensock.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3044 helped me to recognize my problem. yes i use now new swfloader instances. but in the post is the rawContent cast to a Movieclip that throws an error in my case. because rawContent was a loader object.... thanks
  8. yes my first feature request.... reload same data. normally this data is taken from the cache and very fast so there is no need to preload...but i need a workaround very soon, any suggestions? greetings
  9. the loaded swf contains only a simple vector grafic. i want to duplicate this and transform with your manager i've found a duplicate class http://www.kirupa.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1939827#post1939827 but this does not work for an LoaderMax.getContent instance.....
  10. LoaderMax.getContent('mySWF'); gets an reference of mySWF. Now i want duplicate mySWF how can i get a copy of my swf? greetings
  11. what i want to do is to load a xml file and a main.swf. in the xml file are other swf files defined that i need in the main.swf. I have define a xmlLoader a swfLoader and a loaderMax. Then i prepend the xmlLoader and append the swfLoader with the defined oncomplete handler in the xmlLoader i set a variable completeXml to capture in the oncomplete swf handler when i can set the xml data to the swf. or is in this case (the main.swf needs the xml data) the requireWithRoot variable useful? the other question i have is: i don't see a way to get the moment there are all swf's from the xml file loaded. i don't found a handler like oncomplete for the loadermax. Or have to pass the number of child swfs in the xml and work with a counter in the onChildComplete handler? thanks for help mith my struggles
  12. Thanks, yes you're right. I've read the senocluar article and i think the as3 possibilities are good enough. best greetings
  13. Hello, how is the best way to combine the advantages from the LoaderMax and the XMLManager? In my xml is swf content content to load and for this is the LoaderMax built, but there are no abilities for parsing. The XMLManager needs an url source and i don't see a way to pass the loaded content from XMLLoader. Has anybody experiences to share? greetings pete