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  1. Yes, I look the doc every time. I get a solution for my code adaptted your solution. Thanks
  2. Hello Sahil!! The code works, I don´t know the problem exactly, cache or sintax but it works good. Thank so much. Now my problem are growing up because I need the same for two animations more, but I don´t use Tweenlite, and I don´t know how to change. Can you help me please?
  3. thank you for your response but something is wrong in my project, I can't stop the animation.
  4. I tried with your solution but when I came back to the section the animation run again
  5. Hello, I want to execute a TimelineLite only one time. I use a plugin (fullPage) and when I move to a section of the page 'secondPage', I have a function for executing the TimelineLite( animaFotos() ). But I need the animation only works one time. I've tried with kill method but doesn´t work the animation. function animaFotos(){ //cambio css. para mostrar imágenes y comenzar TwenLite fotos.css('visibility', 'visible'); textoinfo.css('visibility', 'visible'); tl .from(foto1, 0.3,{y:-10, autoAlpha:0,ease:Power1.easeOut},0.3) .from(fot