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  1. Hi @OSUblake I came with something with PixiJS but it's weird. I parse the svg, ang get all elements (path, and group) positions with getBoundingClientRect() Then i used PIXI.Rectangle to have tiles of my SVG texture but it's too "square" and it bring some weird stuff. I'll try to post on codepen. Thanks for helping me
  2. Thanks a lot, i didn't know that, even it's a bit sad to convert vectors into bitmap :/ I will dig in pixiJS
  3. Nice, Do you mean a png or jpg sprite sheat ?
  4. Thank you jonathan for pointing me in the good direction
  5. Thanks for your advice Sahil. I'll take a look at paperjs/pixijs /native canvas API
  6. Hello, I made a little animation with gsap, and i really like how easy it is. But while it look great on y computer (gtx 1080), my coworker has heavy performance issues (imac 2007). Be both use the same browser (chrome), and he has better performances with last firefox build. I saw some people switching to canvas/paperjs, but i look like painfull. I'd like to know if the performance issue is about the number of animated elements (~432) or the way i build the timelinemax (in loop). Here is the pen : https://codepen.io/kaliel/full/XVbGvY/ Thanks