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  1. Wow you create a whole new script! And it looks awesome. Thx! Now, if i want to use this, i have to change it a bit. Ofcourse it is only a small part of a big script. But there are one thing: Your script is not working in Internet Explorer at all. So right now it is not useable for me Edit: And here is the example script i looked up: http://greenwich-design.co.uk/clients/guiltydolls/guilty_dolls2/
  2. Hello GreenSocks! I've been working with gsap for a short while. But this is my first problem with which I can not get any further. So my first thread Hello!! My Goal is: to animate multiple Images to a Video. For this I found already a snippet (dont now the url anymore) which displays and hide immediately a image (Combined with a staggerTo). So my Problem is: It works! But not on all Browsers. If i clean the Cache or hit reload, over and over, the animation in Internet Explorer and Edge is very very flashy! My Question is: What went wrong?