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  1. Hi, I've used GSAP it since tweenlite came out for flash and had various memberships over the years. I have just started a project that I would like to use GSAP JS for. The end product will be a mainly (not totally) subscription based education game. I'm a contractor and not an employee of the end company. If I bought the business never ending license would the end company be able to use it forever without worry about the license. or Would I need to get them to buy the license so they can use it. This means as a contractor I'd have to buy it for each project if the end product was a subscription model. Hope that makes sense. Tim
  2. Yes unfortunatly that doesn't work, maybe I should have mentioned I'm using Flex... One thing that does work is to click on another web browser window then click the app browser again. (lets the browser loose then regain focus). Work around I've added 'Application.application.stage.focus = null;' to run when the ESC key is pressed in the text area. Then the user can move the text box around with the cursors. Tim
  3. Hi, Is there a way of moving the text box around with the cursor keys. I noticed from a previous post it looked like it was possible but got turned off due to a selection conflict. An overide switch would be great like hold down Ctl+arrows to move it etc.. Thanks
  4. Hi, I was having a little trouble when adding an image to the crop where it disapeared. ------------------------------------------------------- var image1:Image = new Image; image1.source="1.jpg"; myTransManager.addChild(image1); var mc1Crop:FlexCrop = new FlexCrop(videoStageObject, myTransManager.manager); ------------------------------------------------------- I had an idea that it's a usual flex issue where the image Display object isn't ready yet. solved by.... ------------------------------------------------------- var image1:Image = new Image; image1.source="1.jpg"; myTransManager.addChild(image1); TweenLite.delayedCall(1, addCrop, [image1]); private function addCrop(imageDO:DisplayObject):void{ var mc2Crop:FlexCrop = new FlexCrop(imageDO, myManager.manager); } ------------------------------------------------------- It works, but is there a neater way? Hope this helps someone
  5. Hi, Hopefully a quick question. I'm using the 'FlexTransformManager' and wanted to tryout the new 'FlexCrop' feature. My current cropper works ok but your seems like it could be a bit tidier. When I use the FlexCrop it's typed to use the 'TransformManager' not it's flex version which I'm using in my app var mc1Crop:FlexCrop = new FlexCrop(mc1, flexTransformManager); Am I doing something stupid? Thanks
  6. Would the AS2 version of the transformer class work in any way with Flash Player 7? I need the core features add to stage, rotate and resize. Thanks TIm
  7. Hi, thanks for the clue, you are correct it is Flex bug. I solved it by overriding the focusManager class and setting the override as the new focus manager for the application private function onPreinitialize():void { this.focusManager = new FocusPaneOverride(this); } package .............. { import mx.managers.FocusManager; import mx.managers.IFocusManagerContainer; import flash.display.Sprite; public class FocusPaneOverride extends FocusManager { public function FocusPaneOverride(container:IFocusManagerContainer, popup:Boolean = false){ super(container,popup); } override public function get focusPane():Sprite{ var fp:Sprite = super.focusPane; if (fp && fp.numChildren != 0) fp.getChildAt(0).rotation = 0; return super.focusPane; } } }
  8. Hi, I'm getting an odd bug when I rotate an object with the flex transformer then click on a component (textinput, colour chooser, numeric stepper etc..) it's highlight box is rotated by the same amount. The components are outside the flextransform object. Any ideas of where I should start looking? Thanks Tim
  9. Ok I've found a very simple solution for a non destuctive (transformable) crop in Flex. Each image added to stage is should be contained within a 'Canvas' component. This canvas compoent can be transformed as normal with the transform manager which scales and rotates correctly. When you need to crop the contained image either move the contained image left or above the canvas (cropping the left and the top of the image repectivly) and/or reduce the width or height of the Canvas to crop the right and bottom of the contained image. That's pretty much it, no messing about with copyPixels and BitmapData like I started to do! Hope it helps someone else out. Tim If things start to get really complicated, your'e probably doing it the wrong way
  10. Hi again, I've come to the conclusion that my cropping tool isn't really a 'cropping' tool, but more of a resizable mask for the transform object. This is because it's based on standard libabary graphic (jpg and swf) assets and I don't want to save bitmap data back to the server for saving (just the resized mask info so I can recreate it on load form the standard library asset). So.. If I create 2 layers within a container object that is a transform item (SkinnableContainer in Flex??). The top layer in the container as the mask and the bottom one as the original asset. Can I get the transformer to only snap to the mask layer size and not the larger original asset underneath. This will give me a non destructive crop/mask tool. also.. What’s the best/lightest container for layers of graphics in Flex 3.5 and Flex 4? Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. Thanks, Sounds like a good idea. I'll give it a try Tim
  12. Hi, I'm just at the thinking stage of developing a tool that as well as transforming can also crop an image. A neat way of doing this (visually) maybe to use the transformer box and handles but maybe changing their behaviour with a 'crop' switch, turning the transformer box and handles red. Then the handles can be used to crop the image. Has anyone any ideas the best way to combine the transformer with a crop behaviour, could I use the AutoFitArea Class? Thanks, any ideas would be very welcome Tim
  13. Hi Everyone, Just a quick question, I'm looking into FlexMonkey to help me test my Flex UI, which seems really useful. http://www.gorillalogic.com/flexmonkey I've not yet got it working with the transform manager's mouse events, admittedly I've not spent long looking into it, but just wondered if anyone else has got it working (or not). Cheers Tim
  14. Great, that works a treat! Thanks for the help