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  1. That's the one @mikel! Many thanks and the same to you @Sahil I will get back to you if I have any problems.
  2. Not to entirely remain responsive, but to remain to the values within. I recently came across this post as a possibility: Also, Sarah Drasner's example of responsive animation: My apologies if I can't quite explain it properly, but I what I am aiming for is to shrink the logo that I created with GSAP whilst in responsive mode, to fit to mobile browsers.
  3. Basically, when an animation is active in desktop mode I'd like it to change into a static image when it changes to responsive mode. Or alternatively... If you can resize the animation to fit inside a mobile browser (without changing to a static image).
  4. Hi guys. I'm a newbie to the forums and would like some help with changing (or disabling) animations to static images whilst in responsive mode. I am currently in the process of finding a web host for my work so examples will be quite bleak, but should be up shortly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. M