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  1. Ya was asking about the TypeScript Didn't know that we have a new version 🤩 this is an amazing news thanks a lot
  2. Thanks for the best amazing animation library ever I have just a small suggestion Is it possible to change the return type for gsap.quickTo to be more specific than Function suggested type quickTo: (target: TweenTarget, property: string, vars?: TweenVars) => Function & {tween : GSAPTween} P.S. for sure this is not perfect and not getting all the properties but this is what in mind now Please guide me so I can properly contribute for small things like this in the future thanks again guys for the amazing effort 🙏
  3. Thanks @akapowl for the fast response In the provided example all the objects are starting the animation from the path start point but I have many objects that will touch the path in deferent points and need to start from this point do you know how to calculate the touching point so I can animate from it to the end of the path rather that animation from 0 => 100%
  4. Hello guys, congrats for your w=new plugin it is really awesome I need to animate some objects to seem as they are falling in a sink vortex or something like that I recorded this 2min video to explain everything in it https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/crVb3r96Fm thanks in advance for your help
  5. got it, thanks so much, I really appreciate it 🤩
  6. Thanks for your quick response. I recorded this video to show you, Video Link: https://www.loom.com/share/68e9d508d4fd498db1d9c90ada1cefa3
  7. Hey Guys, could you open this link? https://travelshift.com/trip/iceland you will find Elastic animation effect between elements while dragging. I'll make this as a slider with Swiper.js, but I need to know how to make this Elastic Effect. Thanks So Much
  8. hey @Jasmine , did you find a solution for this type of animation? I'm facing the same issue right now. Thanks in advance.
  9. thanks again for your help, could you tell me the reason for choosing Video and not Sprite Sheet?
  10. Hey @ZachSaucier thanks for your quick response, I appreciate it. the videos will be played one time ( no loop ), and it doesn't require any interaction from the user. in regards to the performance, I mean the loading speed and the use of site's resources. for example, we have a slider with 8 slides, and each slide contains 2 or 3 videos, all those in one page. the most important question is the browser (Desktop only) compatibility and rendering of videos, will I face any problem with that? all videos will be autoplay(muted). I heard that in some browser the user needs to click on video to play it if he use data to connect with internet ( not wifi ). Thanks
  11. Hi Guys, please checkout the attachments, 3 gifs to show you examples of the animation that I want to implement on the site. actually, those just a placeholder and the client will change them later. my question is, which is the best for the performance and compatibility? to implement them as videos or Sprite Sheet? FYI - In mobile devices it will be just image ( no animation required ). Thanks so much
  12. I don't if it is a valid question but I really need this version but I always end up downloading 3.4.x version from the site by the way thanks for this amazing community and this great forum
  13. Hello BEST Team ever, first of All, Thank you very much for this amazing work on GSAP 3 . I have weird issue when I tried to implement smoothscrolling with scrolltrigger. I'm getting this error in the console and the scrolltrigger is failing to trigger any animation with scrolling I'm using this code to connect scrolltrigger with smooth-scrollbars import Scrollbar from 'smooth-scrollbar'; import {gsap} from 'gsap'; import {ScrollTrigger} from 'gsap/ScrollTrigger'; gsap.registerPlugin(ScrollTrigger); export default () => { const scrollContainer = document.querySelector('[smooth-scroll-container]'); const bodyScrollBar = Scrollbar.init(scrollContainer, {damping: 0.075, delegateTo: window}); bodyScrollBar.track.xAxis.element.remove(); bodyScrollBar.setPosition(0, 0); ScrollTrigger.scrollerProxy(scrollContainer, { scrollTop(value) { if (arguments.length) { bodyScrollBar.scrollTop = value; } return bodyScrollBar.scrollTop; }, }); bodyScrollBar.addListener(ScrollTrigger.update); } By the way smooth-scrollbar is working very well sorry for the lack of proper info as I don't know how to address this problem properly. Thanks in advance