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  1. Is there a solution to integrate also mouse wheel scroll function?
  2. Hi, I have this function: $('.stagger-caption').each(function(){ var $this = $(this); var $totalHeight = $this.closest('.stagger-slide').outerHeight(true) - $this.outerHeight(true); const ST= ScrollTrigger.create({ trigger: $this, start: "top top", end: "+=" + $totalHeight, pin: $this, scrub: true, invalidateOnRefresh: true }); }); How can I update the END value on resize? Thank you!
  3. Edit: On first time you start dragging the items jumps all above one time their height I've forgot to put the items on position absolute in css, but I solved meanwhile. Now I'll try to implement the hammer js. Thank you @ZachSaucier for help!
  4. Hi Zach, Thank you for your answer. I tried to adapt the script for vertical use but I did something wrong. Perhaps you could help me a little bit. Thank you! https://codepen.io/Hector18/pen/yLaMomw
  5. Hi, Can anyone tell me how i can achieve this infinite scroll effect with GSAP to translate with ease the elements? Here is the example: https://bizar.ro/ Thank you!
  6. Hi @OSUblake, Can you point me how to integrate also mouse scroll on this carousel? Thank you
  7. Hector18

    Sticky Cursor

    here is the last version of my pen: https://codepen.io/Hector18/pen/zYYewBy
  8. Hector18

    Sticky Cursor

    The cursor stick where you enter over the link. It should move in front of the link ant stick there. The mikel example is a good start but it works only on one link and when you leave the ball do not update position with ease, it jumps which is not good
  9. Hector18

    Sticky Cursor

    The cursor stick where you enter over the link. It should move in front of the link
  10. Hector18

    Sticky Cursor

    Hi @mikel, this is a good example but has a bug when you leave button the ball jump to mouse cursor without ease. I just added the script into my pen, but something is wrong: https://codepen.io/Hector18/pen/zYYewBy?editors=1010
  11. Hector18

    Sticky Cursor

    Hi @ZachSaucier, my pen is the last on my post with "Button One" and "Button Two".
  12. Hector18

    Sticky Cursor

    Hi, Can everyone help me to achieve a similar effect on mouse cursor on my existing script, like in this pen: https://codepen.io/g-norman/pen/ExxobEm Thank you
  13. Hi, I'm trying to animate the drag for the swiper with tweenmax. Now the dragging option is to quick and jerky. Dees anyone know how to animate the drag option with tweenmax to have an easing accelerate effect? Here is an example with a slider who has the drag options with nice easing options: http://www.benmingo.com/ Thank you!
  14. Yes, this is the right solution for my project