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  1. It is what I had in mind, although I didn't try it as I am not (yet) a club member. I will definitely do it now that I am sure it will work
  2. I think there is a misunderstanding. My proposal is: you provide a "ready to host version" instead of the zip. The final user manages its own private repo.
  3. Hi, I am new to GreenSock, to be honest integrating your library and your extra plugins in a nextjs setup or even a standard npm/react/webpack environment seems a bit scary. It is a pity because your library and your community are great. Private npm repo cost very little (7$) they even are free when self hosting (verdaccio). We can even depends on local modules with npm. So it would be great to package club greensock plugins as npm module ready to depend on (locally or self hosted or private hosted somewhere). For you: it is little to zero extra work (you already maintain a npm package for GreenSock "core") It would be better for handling compatibility issues between plugins/core For us: we would have one single repo to maintain/upgrade with your new releases It would be better than putting all GreenSock stuff in src (where babel compilation occur) or node_modules (which can be cleaned and regenerated) (Off-topic) about reactjs, the integration seems feasible, some threads on this forum are very interesting on the topic. But the lack of an official integration guide or official wrapper (there is an unmaintained attempt) is a bit scary, and requires from your user a deep understanding of react internals to make it work.