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  1. Ok. There what has happened: Timeline stopped because of my typo. Morph didn't work because of Affinity Designer (Illustrator-like program) exports circles as <circle ... /> even when you convert it to curves in the program. I have already reported this on Affinity forum.
  2. Hi! I'm new to this community. Can someone tell me if I can create independent timelines and fire them at will even if they will overlap? For example: var tl1 = new TimeLineMax (){}; tl1.[some animations]; [later in the document] var tl2 = new TimeLineMax (){}; tl2.[some other animations]; Problem is - when tl2 fires, tl1 stops. What I need: I need to operate timelines independently, fire them at any moment without interferences with each other. Haven't found anything useful in the docs. Thanks!