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  1. Hi everyone, I am using the PIN functionality to make different types of animation on one page. I noticed that if I change the display order, the pin does not work correctly. Working example order: HTML 1: js-pin-animation-type-01 2: js-pin-animation-type-02 JS 1: js-pin-animation-type-01 2: js-pin-animation-type-02 https://codepen.io/valerio-acerbis/pen/MWEdgvV Example order NOT working: HTML 1: js-pin-animation-type-02 2: js-pin-animation-type-01 JS 1: js-pin-animation-type-01 2: js-pin-animation-type-02 https://codepen.io/valerio-acerbis/pen/yLzWBLo
  2. Hello, how can I remove the <div> "pin-spacer" which is dynamically added via pin: true ajax? I have asynchronous navigation and I should remove this DIV at every page change. How can I do? I have tried ScrollTrigger.kill (); which removes everything but I can't initialize again after the asynchronous page change. Many Thanks!
  3. Hi Jack, could you instead show me how you would do the same animation using multiple separate images instead of a single sprite image? Do you have any solution to better manage the uploading of images and the waiting time? In this codepen for example 148 separate images are used: https://codepen.io/j-v-w/pen/ZEbGzyv Single image link: https://www.apple.com/105/media/us/airpods-pro/2019/1299e2f5_9206_4470_b28e_08307a42f19b/anim/sequence/large/01-hero-lightpass/0001.jpg Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi everyone, I would like to reproduce the Apple AirPods effect of this pen with ScrollTrigger: https://codepen.io/j-v-w/pen/ZEbGzyv Here is an example made with scrollMagic: https://webdesign.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-animate-a-coffee-drinking-sprite-with-scrollmagic--cms-24795 Can you help me join these Pen by using the new scrollTrigger Plugin? Thanks so much