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  1. It works! As far as I could see, it works when - The component to add is declared on the mxml - The component to add is created with "new SomeComponent()", and then explicitly assigning width/height. I would recommend to remove the "!t.hasOwnProperty("content") && " in the updateSelection() method leaving only "t.width != 0" as the condition: if (!t.hasOwnProperty("content") && t.width != 0) { //in Flex, SWFLoaders/Images and some other components don't accurately report width/height var m:Matrix = t.transform.matrix; t.transform.matrix = new Matrix(); //gets
  2. Yeah, some of the bugs are really frustrating but with time and patience I learned to like Flex (for some projects). I've already tried to wait 1 frame to execute selectItem() and/or updateSelection() and didn't worked. Anyway, I just tried your suggestion in the FlexTransformManagerDemo and it works. The funny thing is that when I use the solution in my app, it doesn't!! I've found that In my app I have to wait 2 frames for the box and handlers to draw properly. The strangest thing is that works ok with 1.85, so it's not just the Flex getBounds() bug. I'll keep digging, thank
  3. Hey Jack, thanks for your quick answer. Sadly, it didn't quite worked. I grabbed a copy of the FlexTransformManagerDemo and Im testing there. When I add a text component directly with addItem, it doesn't work. private function init():void { myManager.addEventListener(TransformEvent.SELECTION_CHANGE, onSelectionChange, false, 0, true); myManager.addEventListener(TransformEvent.SCALE, onScale, false, 0, true); myManager.addEventListener(TransformEvent.FINISH_INTERACTIVE_SCALE, onFinishInteractiveScale, false, 0, true); myManager.addEventListener(TransformEvent.DOUBLE_CLICK, onDoubl
  4. Hi Jack. I'm having a problem with FlexTransformManager when I add a TextArea or any other Flex text component to the transformManager. When I add the TextArea instance to my flexTransformManager and innmediately select it with selectItem(), it doesn't draw the bounding box nor the handles properly. I see only one handle in the top-left corner of the TextArea I added. My code is like this: var transformItem:TransformItem = flexTransformManager.addItem(textArea, TransformManager.SCALE_WIDTH_AND_HEIGHT); flexTransformManager.selectItem(transformItem); I even tried to wrap the Te
  5. Hi Jack, I was wondering if there's a particular reason that FlexTransformManager doesn't have a deleteSelection method? I'm currently working on Flash Builder 4, with the latest build 1.891 of TransformManager. I came to notice this because I need to delete all items from an instance of FlexTransformManager and I can't find the way to do this, can you point me in the right direction please?