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  1. I found out what the issue was. It wasn't webpack or webpack-dev-middleware thank goodness as I was not looking forward to that maze. Turns out a version of gsap was been added directly to the index page from a CDN. I was not aware of this until I had to add an attribute to the index head and boom there I saw TweenMax been added. This was a bad surprise that turned into a happy moment as I figured out why the import was not working. Thanks again for the help here.
  2. Thanks @GreenSock, Yep my head was spinning especially when it comes to webpack. I hopefully will have more time when the project is finished to go through webpack more and break down each part. No worries I know the folks who chimed in here were trying to help which is nice to see a good community. I can import the entire packages globally which is not ideal but I'll write back if I can find a fix. import 'gsap';
  3. Thanks @OSUblake for the download demo. As you can see from my code I posted above my webpack settings are similar in what they do. I spent all day yesterday adding and removing from my config only to realize i'm doing the same as this download link is. The only difference I can see is I'm running weback through node using https://github.com/webpack/webpack-dev-middleware and https://github.com/glenjamin/webpack-hot-middleware I have yet to rip all this out and see if this is causing the issue. I'm aware its not a gsap issue and in fact said in my post it most lightly is a
  4. For anyone that might know more about webpack and greensock together, here is my current setup while having the issue above. const path = require('path') const webpack = require('webpack') const ROOT_DIR = path.resolve(__dirname, '../app') module.exports = { devtool: 'eval', entry: [ `${ROOT_DIR}/js/index`, 'webpack-hot-middleware/client' ], output: { path: path.resolve(__dirname, '../public'), filename: 'bundle.js', publicPath: '/public/' }, plugins: [ new webpack.HotModuleReplacementPlugin(), new webpack.NoEmitOnErrorsPlugin(), new w
  5. Thanks for the reply. Yea I see lots of folks making it work and I'm using the same setup. The only thing I can think might be causing it is webpack, but I don't have any issues with other modules import. Not sure if TweenMax is a global or its a module. I tried both your imports with the same problem. When I use the first import below and do a console.log("TweenMax = ", TweenMax) shows up but is missing a bunch of methods. When I import using the second statement then TweenMax is undefined. import TweenMax from "gsap"; import {TweenMax} from "gsap"; __proto__:
  6. I'm getting an error when trying to use TweenMax in React component. I create the component like this below. import React, {Component} from 'react'; import {connect} from 'react-redux'; import Thumbnail from './thumbnail'; import TransitionGroup from 'react-transition-group/TransitionGroup' import {fetchHomeCollection} from '../../actions/client'; import styles from '../../../styles/client/home.scss'; class Home extends Component { constructor(props){ super(props); } componentWillMount(){ this.props.fetchHomeCollection();
  7. I setup my new LoaderMax in a custom display class that gets added to the stage. When I remove that class and then try to create it again and add it to the stage I get an error when _queue is created again. So the second time around that queue gets created it throws an error. Error: _queue = new LoaderMax({name:"videoQueue", requireWithRoot:this, maxConnections:1, onProgress:videoProgress, onChildComplete:completeHandler}); Anyone know why this is happening second time around.
  8. Hi is there anyway to tween a non native flash property with tweenLite. I want to use an object to hold a property called specialRotation for example and I want to update that property using tweenlite.to, how can I achieve. I tried using a getter and setter but that didn't work. var obj:Object = new Object(); private function get specialRotation():Number { return obj.specialRotation; } private function set specialRotation(value:Number):void { obj.specialRotation = value; } TweenLite.to(obj, 1, {specialRotation:90, onUpdate:onUpdateTest } ); private function onUpdateTest():void {
  9. I already tried that and it does the same as its outside the transform. Any other ideas on this?
  10. I have a sprite with a graphic in it that I want to grow in size from the top right hand corner point instead of the top left hand corner. I tried using thee transformAroundPoint function but it doesn't seem to work the way I'm talking about. Here is what I have setup now. transformPoint = new Point(this.x+ imageW, this.y); TweenMax.to(frame, 3, {transformAroundPoint:{point:transformPoint}, width:bmt.width, height:bmt.height, ease:Expo.easeOut});
  11. How can you remove an object that has been inserted into timelineMax. Do I just set my timelineMax over again to remove all objects example: timeline = new TimelineMax({onComplete:onTimelineComplete}); What if I just want to remove one object instead of them all. Thanks, Eric