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  1. Hello I have a (probably) silly question - is it possible to animate whole timelineMax via tweenmax or another (parent) timelineMax? I have long experience as flash/adobe animate animator and I normally would put animation in movieclip and then animate that mc (like for example in simulating camera zoom). I could probably make something like that with gsap (put timelineMax into mc, then make another timelineMax/tweenMax on root), but it isn't greatest solution... Thanks, Remigiusz
  2. Hello I'm quite stuck - I made presentation in adobe animate with gsap, each "slide" (containing timelineMax) is on their own keyframe on main timeline. Navigation (next/prev) just skip to next/prev frame of main timeline and then slide timelineMax play. Sadly when navigating back animation on previous slide starts from last played point, not from start. I tried clear(), kill etc, with no results...