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  1. Thanks @Carl. I've taken a look at this and can see where it's definitely useful. In my example I used buttons to try to simply the pen, hoping someone would help me with an onComplete method or a better written function. What I'm really trying to do is have scroll trigger my events. And the key behavior I'm going after is to have an intro timeline reverse and play another timeline after that. I'm new to GSAP and still learning JS, so I'm sure there's an elegant way to solve this. The problem I'm having is with the window.onload event. I want my intro anima
  2. Thanks @Sahil! I think I may have spoke too soon when I said I was all set I'm still struggling to get multiple timelines to reverse and then play. Here's a pen I forked from yours. The goal with each button press is to reverse the previous timeline, then play that function's timeline. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks @Sahil your example really helped. I ended up making two timelines and the issue I add was with how I broke things up using vars. Here's the working js FWIW. function intro() { var tl = new TimelineMax(); tl.from($heroTitle, .5, {y:"-30", autoAlpha: 0, ease: Power4.easeInOut}, "herotext") .from($heroByline, .5, {y:"30", autoAlpha: 0, ease: Power4.easeInOut}, "herotext") .from($heroSubtext, .75, {y:"60", autoAlpha: 0, ease: Power4.easeInOut}, "herotext+=0.75") .from($heroSidecontainer, 1.5, {height:"500px", ease: Power4.easeInOut}, "her
  4. Hi guys, I'm still having a bit of difficulty wrapping my head around how to control the playhead with a function. I love the approach @Sahil shared of chaining multiple timelines. It's really modular and, I think, what I should be focusing on. In the case of this project: 1. I have three timelines which I'm compiling into a master timeline. I've also added some labels just to make things easy. var master = new TimelineMax(); master.add("start"); master.add(intro()); master.add("curtain"); master.add(curtain()); master.add("borders"); master
  5. Thanks @Jonathan for the detailed explanation and fork. You answered my question perfectly. One caveat, I would like to keep onComplete outside of tl1 timeline constructor in order to use tl1 elsewhere (without the tl2 firing). I think the videos @Sahil provided might have insight into this. I'm sort of just getting started so forgive my ignorance. Thanks guys!
  6. I'm new to GSAP but trying out TimelineMax and am having difficulty getting the onComplete function to work properly. Basically I want to trigger another timeline after one is finished playing. Here's the pen. Backstory: I encountered this issue with a more complex snippet inside ScrollMagic. So... wondering if I ran into a bug? Thanks for your help hive!