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  1. I'm having some odd behavior when using the prioritize() function in LoaderMax. I'm getting an error String used where a Boolean value was expected. The expression will be type coerced to Boolean. Now I took a look at the code and documentation and it clearly states that the function accepts a String. So I looked through the code and also saw TweenLite has a prioritize value that is a Boolean. Is it possible that these two could be conflicting? I'm utilizing both within my application and was wondering if this may be the root of my issue. When I place the LoaderMax code in it's own empty SWF all runs fine, but as soon as I put it back within my application I get the error. The application is made up of many class files and SWFs that all pull in either TweenMax/TweenLite or LoaderMax depending on the needs of the class. Any suggestions? I tried to cast the loader as in... LoaderMax(loadQueue).prioritize("myLoader) with no luck.
  2. Hello, I'm having problems using exportItemXML() and am wondering if I'm missing something obvious here. I am trying to export the XML in the scale complete method. Here's the line I am using where e = TransformEvent Object, and myManager is a FlexTransformManager. I am getting no data when I attempt to trace it to the console. myManager.exportItemXML( e.items[0].targetObject);
  3. Hmm, thanks for the idea I'll give it a shot and see what happens. You're right in the fact that the DataGroup is the parent in the sample I pasted below. I was trying to figure out a way I could insert a single FlexTransformManager within the dataGroup so that the ItemRenderer's will be the children. Unfortunately I'm brand new to MXML (coming from an AS background) and I'm just not sure what I want is possible. I was using a DataGroup originally for the convenience of data binding (so that the display would be updated as new items were added) it looks like it may be simpler to strip out the data group and manually manage the items in the TransformManager with AS and a few custom events.
  4. Hello, I'm using a data group to render a collection of items. These items use a custom renderer to show an image and text. I'd like to be able to move/scale all of these items and to select multiple items at once but I am having trouble figuring out how to layout the MXML. When I wrap my dataProvider with a transform manager I am unable to select each item individually for transformation. Clicking an item renderer selects all the items. Here is my sample MXML. Is there a different layout approach I should be using? forceSelectionToFront = "false" constrainScale = "true" arrowKeysMove="true" allowDelete="true" width = "500" height = "500" />
  5. I'm using Flex and I'd like to use the Transform Manager to rotate and scale a variety of custom components which contain an image and text. This part works great. I have the TransformManager in my MXML and then all of the component nodes inside it. The problem is that the component has a roll over action that displays a button when you roll over the object. I don't want this button to scale or rotate with the rest of the content inside the component. I always want it to be say 100px by 50px. How can I accomplish this? Do I need to move the button outside of the component?