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  1. woooow Mikel did it again !!!! i would like to thank you alot , i am having hard time with javascript but with all the sample you provided, it s getting better, thanks a lot , i can move forward..or start in fact thanks a lot again .it s time to buy the greensock book for me
  2. hi Mike , thanks , Sorry i was not clear, i meant adding point to the cubic spline,, drawing a path dynamically like here for instance https://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/4342190
  3. Hello Master, First, thank you for your answer. the next link describe what i want to achieve, but what is missing is how you control the path by adding points manually , then update the path back an restart the animation ? thank you in advance
  4. Dear Team, sorry me newbee question, does anyone have a starting point for a dynamic cubic spline base on selected points added manually ? thank you in advance Kind regards dave
  5. i would like to thank you , yes that it is .
  6. @OSUblake i took your animation and replace it by svg element, witch work very well.i want to change the opacity of the moving element , but it does not work at all, may you help me?
  7. Hello , i woud like to know , when based on this animation (very good) how to alter opacity of the moving object when it s based on svg???