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  1. I test different solutions , but I have a question – I'd like to animate only element with class active. Currently the first element animates third element, why? I learn JavaScript, but still a lot of work ahead of me
  2. I reworked the last Sahil's codes – it works in pure JavaScript. I have a problem with jQuery code currently: $('.slider-controls div').click(function(){ TweenMax.killDelayedCallsTo(nextSlide); TweenMax.killDelayedCallsTo(nextSlideDescription); nextSlide($(this).index()); nextSlideDescription($(this).index()); });
  3. Thanks for this. Sahil, do you know how I can add class "active" to slider-controls when changing the slider?
  4. I'd like to say hello to everyone at the beginning. I'm a novice in JavaScript world and I have a question. I tried to create navigation for my first GSAP slider and I have no idea how to get started. I'd be grateful for all the tips. Regards, Novice