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creativeocean last won the day on June 26 2013

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creativeocean last won the day on June 26 2013

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  1. @OSUblake holy cow that was a fast reply/solution! Thanks a million
  2. Hello! I've been working on this pen that uses Draggable to move and hitTest SVG elements, and ran into an issue where liveSnap works as expected but snap does not. Anyone know why snap wouldn't work in this case? Also, if you like quick 2-player games, go get the physical version of The Genius Square!
  3. Woah! That's awesome, Jack! I love the new "labelsDirectional" behavior. Definitely a better experience...feels really polished. Thanks so much for the incredibly fast action on this. Hopefully this'll be a restful weekend for you 🤞
  4. @GreenSock thanks for the swift reply and compliment And no need to rush anything on my behalf! This isn't a pressing issue, more just something I noticed and a few questions that popped up while I was working.
  5. I've built a thing that uses a ScrollTrigger to scrub a timeline, which transitions in/out fixed-position page sections. It's working fairly well, however, there's something happening in the snapping's velocity calculation that is causing issues when you click a progress marker button and scrollTo a specific point in the page. If you set the duration on line 315 of the JS to something like 1, it works fine...because that was enough time for the velocity calculation to simmer down. I thought maybe toggling the disable/enable would be the fix, but it seems the velocity is calculated regardless o
  6. And now I've gone even further down the 3D cube rabbit hole –made a Draggable version: https://codepen.io/creativeocean/pen/poRyMLX?editors=0010
  7. I know this thread is now over a month old, but I wanted to share a fork of Zach's pen. I made a 6-sided die from the cube. To simplify/clarify, the 3d rotations are moved out of the CSS. Hopefully this demo is useful to someone... https://codepen.io/creativeocean/pen/qBRbNwa
  8. I'm also interested in helping on this. Just sent you a message w/ my contact info. Thanks! Tom
  9. Yea, I closed my Twitter acct earlier this year (my handle was @FlashGuyTom which tells you how out of date and disused it was). I'm plenty active on CodePen, though! Thanks again for the referrals, and I hope the svg image sequence stuff works out well!
  10. Thanks so much for the shout-out @PointC
  11. I did something similar recently, using GSAP's stagger 'grid' feature: https://codepen.io/creativeocean/pen/rNOyppy?editors=0010 I'd be happy to help out on this. Please shoot me an email with any other project details/requirements and I'll send a quote for the work: tom@creativeocean.com
  12. I'm interested in animated js are you free for work?
  13. hello sir, please help some code issue,

    i tried to long time this work but i have no idea how to do this.



  14. Hi Jiri. I'm full for the next few weeks with my current workload. If you create a simplified codepen example of what you're trying to accomplish and post your question(s) in the forums, I'm sure someone will be able to assist! Best of luck
  15. Personally, I'd avoid mixing CSS animation and JS animation. Maybe it doesn't matter much here, but in more complex/lengthy code situations, it can get confusing as to where you're doing the animating. And GSAP does such a good job with smoothing over browser inconsistencies, I tend to use it for many things that I used to style with CSS. Anyway, back to your specific question: you could set the SVG viewBox to match the dimensions of the image (viewBox="0 0 1600 1200") and set the svg style to position:fixed (or absolute). Also remove all of that unnecessary transform CSS. And don'