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  1. JohnH

    Animate before Drag

    Perfect Sahil, Sorry to be a bother, thanks very much!
  2. JohnH

    Animate before Drag

    Thanks for the reply Sahil, I didn't know this existed. However the issue I have with this is the animation isn't always reversed?
  3. JohnH

    Animate before Drag

    Apologies, didn't realise anonymous pens couldn't be embedded!
  4. JohnH

    Animate before Drag

    Hi there, new to the forum, so first of all thanks for having me! I'm also new to gsap as well. The question I have is; Whenever I use 'Draggable' and I want to animate the object or element that is being dragged, I want to have it animate onmousedown so that as soon as the object is touched it expands. How can I do this as I've always had my animations run when the object is moved instead of animating before being moved. Is there a clever way gsap can do this or do I need to add a mousedown function? Thanks in advance, John