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  1. thats what i was asking. but looking at the license pages again i think they are pretty clear. it really hinges on whether there is a subscription fee for the website it seems. which there probably will be. there is no special fee for the part that uses transformManager, but it will likely be a site that charges for subscriptions in general. i think when i read the license page i was in denial, i thought everything there made perfect sense for the free products but i didnt think that a product that costs $299 would be subject to exactly the same limitations, i guess that was really the source of all my doubt. but is seems that the limitations on usage of the free products is the same as for transformManager, so i guess its pretty clear now.
  2. thats much clearer, thank you. so the thing seems to hinge on whether the client re-sells it. Let me be clear that while the client would like to be free to re-sell her site, there is no scheme under discussion for re-selling multiple copies of any part of the site, like a component or application... so no matter what happens there will only be one website with one owner. does that make any difference? if you could just clarify that point, i will take the decision to my overlords. i may just need to let them know a corporate license may be needed in the future depending on what they decide. thanks again! BTW, i get how much work this saves. its a wonderful product. im well aware i cannot duplicate the functionality of transformManager in a cost effective way. doing it myself would basically mean slapping together something far crappier and less capable in a short time. and even that is harder that it seems. just the thought makes me sad.
  3. i bought a transformManager license a few days ago. it works beautifully and i would be singing its praises except i have doubts about the license itself. i may be out of touch with costs but i assumed after paying $299 i could pretty much do as i liked with it. heres the problem: the owner of the site i am building has made it clear she wants to own the site and have the freedom to sell it. the site will probably be subscription based. it hasnt made a nickel yet, but the hope is that it might sometime in the future. legally i dont understand the fine points at all. if i build a site i am in a way selling it to the client, and if there is third-party code in there i am in a way re-selling that code, even if i dont claim it as mine. so what exactly am i allowed to do? the license seems to imply that the $299 i paid may not be sufficient for my needs. i would like some advice. or a clearer outline of the limitation of the license, in order to decide if i need to return the product. i would hate to code it myself since i know i woudnt do as good a job, but financially it may not be possible to pay more.