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  1. ?‍♂️ <-- me after seeing this... and now my back needs ice. You the man!
  2. Easier said than done--ha. Working on it. (more coffee please...) Cool example. Especially like the graphical points to see the translation in action.
  3. Howdy, Jack (@GreenSock)! Yikes, I made a blunder thinking there was a function, 'waveSVG', that took a path and made it wavy given a few variables -- solidified a "D'oh!" status for the week. I updated the codepen with the creature and its tail. The goal: with tail origin anchored to the body, have a sinusoidal motion move the tail through its end. I could begin with straight or slightly curved path. I was hoping to find examples I could learn from. After some review, one approach could be: get the points of the path in an array calculate a ne
  4. Hey all! It's been awhile. I have a couple of paths in an SVG I need to animate using a sinusoidal-like path with a fixed starting point and a variable end point. Imagine a tail flapping about in a strong wind. If you can point me in the right direction, I am struggling to figure this out. Thanks! https://codepen.io/macarius/pen/oPwyyq
  5. Thank you @Dipscom and @Jonathan for your guidance. I attempted to use a path defined in the Ollie SVG to animate the position of the rocket and orient it along its trajectory. I wasn't sure how else to achieve this. I noticed the {x,y} coordinates you chose, @Dipscom. How did you derive these, and how can I generate these? Also, the coordinates don't scale with window zoom. Can you apply a factor to these, or is there a better method? Are there any major issues or drawbacks if I use an SVG as a background image in a <div> vs. nesting the SVG within the <div>
  6. Greetings! My first post so forgive any noobishness... I started my journey with GSAP a week ago, and I'm enjoying the heck out of it. I promise not to abuse the power I'm given. *fingers crossed I'd like to create a scene where a rocket launches from the moon. I created 2 SVGs: moon and space cadet Ollie. I've scoured the forums and read about containing all "images" into a single SVG, but for me it's easier to edit and manage the vector images in separate files -- for now. Can someone please recommend an approach (cross-browser compatible, including mobile) to positio