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  1. Thank you @OSUblake There is still a different between those values. But I just figured out that it was because of the timeScale tween I applied on the timeline. This is interesting.
  2. @Sahil @OSUblake In the example above, why the _gsTransform.rotation value has a different value than the random rotation value that I gave the wheel? Because I saw in this demo from Greensock, the values passed in and the _gsTransform's values are the same: Greensock _gsTransform demo.
  3. Thank you! I'm playing with it now
  4. I want to make a fortune wheeler game where user can click the button to spin the wheel then when it stops, it will show what user get. I create the function to spin the wheel but not I'm sure which approach to detect which item is chosen. Can someone give me an idea how to approach this? Thanks a bunch!