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  1. I think I am getting somewhere with it. I will post more tomorrow. Again, thank you for your help.
  2. Hi OSUblake, I debated whether I should post a continuation on the last post. I thought your post to it was going to solve my problem, but I could not figure out how to adapt it to the php loading divs (you specified the box sizes in the script, and I just could not figure out how to separate it so it was reading from the HTML produced by the PHP), then I came to what I thought was a solution. To just let the browser zoom in and out using its native method. Then I began to notice it was making divs act strangely. So thought I would revisit this, hence the going in circles. Thank you for the link for the saving of locations, I will try and figure that out. Can you tell me how to separate the sizes for the boxes from the script so I can call on them dynamically? Also, is there a way to add snapping to make divs snap to other divs (not a grid)? Thank you for your quick response, especially on the weekend.
  3. Hope the post makes sense, posted two ways I've been trying to get this project done. Didn't know it would put the main CodePen on the bottom of the post.
  4. I've been going in circles trying to solve one issue or another. I would be very grateful for any assistance if anyone can tell me how to fix several things with CodePen called "zoom" (bottom of page); • Can not figure out how to add Snap to Draggable so that a div box object will snap to another div box object. • How would I add JSON and AJAX so that it remembers locations (I've added JSON location to the JQuery CodePen below). I want to eventually add AJAX/PHP so that it remembers more permanently and can't be erased by clearing history. How I got here: The CodePen called zoombar is an attempt to correct several issues with just using JQuery and browser zooming in/out. Here is the CodePen called Back to basics of the base JQuery file I was working on. The issue with base JQuery (Back to basics) file were; • Locations would glitch with zoom (I know location can not be accurately defined with most zooms, including browser) • Rotation glitches with snap (on two sides) Rotations does not seem to recognize shape of box has changed as a result. Among others. Any help would be great, thank you in advance.
  5. Hi OSUblake! That looks like the perfect solution! Thank you so much! Will work on it and let you know how it goes. Sincerely, Nineve
  6. BTW I got this route from this page Because now that I've gone back to basics, I'm having problems with draggable items acting glitchy (not recognizing zoom). See example here. Once I get that glitch of the movement on zoomed items I need to figure out how to save locations, rotations with zoom in mind to JSON. Any continued assistance would be very much appreciated! Thanks, Nineve
  7. Hi Jonathan, Thanks for giving me the option, I will see what I can do to change it. So you believe that is what is causing the issue? Basically I really only need three states of zoom anyway 50%, 100% and prob 150%. But without some sort of zoom, the project will be less viable. Actually I only need it to be compatible with Chrome, Safari would be nice, but not counting on Firefox at all. It's an in-house project not meant to go to live web for everyone's view. Thanks, Nineve
  8. Thank you Jack, To answer some of your concerns: 1. I am using that so that json remembers the location of the objects. 2. The zoom works as long, but with json I need the locations. 3. When I remove the <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/1.20.3/utils/Draggable.min.js"></script>, but of course then the objects are not draggable. 4. I will see about doing that. Thank you, Nineve
  9. Hi Craig, Thank you helping. It did help in Safari, but not in Chrome. You can see it being implemented here http://www.prestofit.com/zPoF_Floor_Plans/working10.php The second line on each box gives the dimensions, you should be able to see how they are definitely off with the drawn size of the div boxes. I will do some more research to see how to post a php page and link a csv file in CodePen. Unless you know that can not be done there. Thanks again, Nineve
  10. I'm having several issues, but one I am focused on atm, is that something seems to be conflicting between the draggable.min.js file and my PHP. It messes up the div sizes, when I add <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/1.16.1/utils/Draggable.min.js"></script> to my php file. I'm sorry if this is a really dumb question. Thank you in advance for any help! warehouse.js EquipList.csv working10.php