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  1. function doCoolStuff() {
      anim = new TimelineMax();
       if (toggle) {
            anim.to(targets[this.index], 1, { y: -50 });
        } else {

    something like this? 

  2. See the Pen WaWaNE by davide77 (@davide77) on CodePen

    I can't figure it out this guys, I'm sorry, the animation goes back fine but for some reason, the button doesn't previously click doesn't click! 
     am I that far? 

    $(backButton).click(function () {
      TweenMax.to(covers[oldTarget], dur, {attr:{x:0, width:2000}}, 0 );
      TweenMax.to([reveals[oldTarget], covers[oldTarget]], dur, {attr:{x:1000, width:0}});


  3. I'm struggling because from the beginning I went in deep water with a code written by Point-c.
    Since then I could't really manipulate it  much. 
    I'll try to work something out. 

  4. on doCoolStuff I initiate the masking animation anim

    on the jQuery functions I play and revessing the buttons but not the masking animation .

    So I guess I need to connect the doCoolStuff with the buttons? I'm not sure I know how. I tried to do anim.reverse(); :-( 

  5. Ok, adding  anim.reverse(); it returns to the starting position but still if I click the same button again, the animation doesn't restart :-( and here trust me I getting lost... 


  6. Yes, exactly! I need to figure it it out. 
    Click on button A > nothing happens, I need t understand why stops working

    I Saw that the className: '-=animate' doesn't get removed. But if I remove it manually from the console the button still doesn't work.