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    Brilliant post! This should be laminated and brought to any meeting with player-hating back-end and perf 🐓 blockers. You're still one of my heroes for now the second decade 😍 When you say "They have virtually all recognized GSAP as an industry standard", could you possibly publish this proof to give those of us in OP's position another arrow in our quivers?
  2. Thank you @mikel! I still need the other CSS property transitions, so I pulled just the opacity transition and it works great! .slds-notification { position: relative; width: 20rem; border: 1px solid #ecebea; border-radius: .25rem; box-shadow: 0 2px 3px 0 rgba(0,0,0,.2); transition-duration: .4s; transition-timing-function: ease-in-out; /* transition-property: margin,max-height,opacity,top; */ transition-property: margin,max-height,top; } Greatly appreciated
  3. Hello, I've discovered a problem when using an opacity animation to 0 along with an onComplete callback that removes the tweened element from the DOM. What essentially I'm experiencing is that the element fades a little bit and then suddenly disappears. Almost as if the onComplete fires before the element reaches 0 opacity. Click either of the top left buttons to demo. I've found a workaround to adds a timeout to the onComplete callback, delaying the removal of the tweened element by a multiple of the animation duration. Click either of the bottom left buttons to demo. Although the fade-out is smooth and looks right, the hack solution is not desirable. What can be possibly causing the element to "pop" off the page instead of appearing to fade all the way to 0 before onComplete fires Thanks, DouG
  4. Adding the CSSPlugin import doesn't solve this error issue for me: Uncaught TypeError: _gsap.TimelineLite is not a constructor