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  1. @OSUblake Hello this workaround fixed the problem in local, but when i compile with webpack in order to serve my files on server, it didn't work So i currently use less complicated transition, but i would be nice to have that on production
  2. @OSUblake I send you a private message i think, did you get it
  3. Hello @OSUblake My problem, i think, is that i (maybe) don't know how to use this plugin, this is my code: import { TimelineMax } from 'gsap' import SvgWidget from './Svg.vue' import OrbitPathSvg from '../svg/OrbitPath.vue' import MorphSVGPlugin from '../gsap-plugins/MorphSVGPlugin' export default { name: 'orbit-widget', props: ['animated'], components: { SvgWidget, OrbitPathSvg }, data () { return { items: ['music', 'food', 'science', 'movie'], current: 'food' } }, methods: { next: function () { var position = this.items.indexOf(this.current) this.current = (position + 1 >= this.items.length) ? this.items[0] : this.items[position + 1] }, orbit: function (el, done) { var tl = new TimelineMax() var path = MorphSVGPlugin.pathDataToBezier('#path0_fill') // <---- Here i got: Cannot read property 'pathDataToBezier' of undefined tl.to(el, 2, { bezier: { values: path, type: 'cubic' }, ease: 'Linear.easeNone', repeat: -1 }) tl.call(this.next) tl.repeat(-1) tl.play() } } } This code doesn't work, is there another way to achive this (i want to do an orbit effect, i created few ellipses in order to get the path element of the SVG, but i can't use the pathDataToBezier method because MorphSVGPlugin is undefined. Do you have any idea on how to use this plugin ? Thx
  4. Hello all !! Im new on the forum, so nice to meet you all So, here is my problem: I purchased the club greensock license in order to get thoses nice features but i can't get it to work with Vue and Webpack (webpack template + vue-cli). But since im using the enhanced version of the framework, im not getting files from NPM anymore, i got to use the source from the zip archive. So im a big noob with webpack, i discover webpack with version 1.x, i was horrify, since V2 seems more friendly user, i deciding to use it with Vue, and since we have Vu-cli, well you have to go with Webpack if your using Vue Anyway, i don't know how to make it work. If somone got an idea for the configuration, the way to `import` Plugins ? I'd like to use MorphSVGPLugin, but i just don't know how to get it. I tried everything... I also created a local npm package... But it didn't worked... I need to got my website online on Thursday, i really need help ^^ PS: with the free license, i can get things running because i'm using it like this: import { TweenLite, ... } from 'gsap' How can i do this for the MorphSVGPlugin ? Thx for future help, and thx for GSAP, very nice framwork