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  1. OK this code doesn't work using: TweenPlugin.activate([ColorPropsPlugin]); ReferenceError: ColorPropsPlugin is not defined The plugin name is a string "colorProps", not a global variable ColorPropsPlugin Any suggestions? How about a working example. Also, some of the examples in pre tags aren't able to be selected, that's frustrating. Just want to try a working example with background gradient working. Can a better example of this be posted under the plugin? Thanks
  2. What's the most efficient and prettiest way to tween a modal dialog from the center, where it scales up? I'm basically trying to scale a box to like 500,500 to the center of the browser window? Thanks, Patrick
  3. This is curious. We have noticed this on some beta builds of huffpostlive, we are using the timeLine to transition segments. Sometimes, when we use multiple tabs, we come back to our video player and a segment transition happens and none of the onComplete functions are triggered, we know this because our backbone models on our new segments have not been set. Does the above solution do the trick? Definitely, love timeLine and we'd like to use in production.
  4. I have this issue where I am trying to check if this tween is active. This code doesn't seem to work, maybe because the there's a delay set? What's the best way to use overwitemanager to not overwrite this tween can you provide a small example please? if (!TweenMax.isTweening(pendingLabel)) TweenMax.to(pendingLabel,.5,{alpha:1,yoyo:true,repeatDelay:.6,repeat:-1}); Thanks, Patrick