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  1. Hello again, and a late happy new year. mi_cky
  2. Hello, my goal is to do this animation seamless - but i have no idea where i have to add the possible overlap parameters for the repeat. please enlighten me.
  3. Hello Jack, wow, "a best practice" by Mr. GREENSOCK himself. Thanks for the demo and yes - that will make me a better coder - hopefully I changed the code slightly for my needs - just two colors - and in my humble opinion an outline improves the seams and the outward looking corners.
  4. Hello Greensockers, Here's another gifani-inspired greensock animation The animations of the triangle are identical in the "use" copies. I tried to slightly modify the animation of the copies. But the code only partially works. (in the code after / * this -> * /) Attached gif animation shows what the result should look like. Is my approach a possible way? Or do I have to animate all triangles individually? Please leave your two cents
  5. Hi all, one mask - two rects - one timeline - the help of use that simple it can be
  6. Hey Craig, i am curios again - what i remember - have seen a lot of code with Tweenmax.set () but the attr: part i have not seen. Just looking at the docs - no hint for use the - attr: should i use the - attr: - always ? ok - think i get it - there is a difference in handling css and svg ?
  7. Hey Craig, see your two cents thanks. Do you know why Chrome and Opera do ignore the wrong code ? i am curios - my code change the x position but not the width. your code generates an other position and the width
  8. Hey Shaun, Have looked your pen with edge ie11 FF56 - same result - the ".T_Range" has not the expected width.
  9. Hey guys, my simple Tweenmax.set () is going on chrome and opera but not on edge IE11 FF56 have checked three different ways - alway the same result. can anyone point me the right direction ?
  10. mi_cky

    Draggable Greenhorn

    Hey guys, ok correct my faults - sorry - rethinking my code and getting a more stable slider. Now you can drag the left side over the right one - vice versa. Here the new codepen. Again sometimes (rare) things are jumping. -> screenshots from my pen (click, click drag - heavy tested) @Jonathan - thanks for pointing me to the svg <defs> problem having changed that. Now it seems there is an other svg failure (Edge IE FF Safari - left and right dragger ok - but where is the range ??) cannot find my fault. @PointC - your two cents are welcome - please tell me more about looping through and cloning - js code handling for the clones ?? and generallly - can someone tell me something about the "array notation" at the end of the - TR_Draggable creation - lastline -> })[0]; <- without i get an - Uncaught TypeError: TR_Draggable.applyBounds is not a function - and the draggable parts "breaking apart". Here it seems i need help understanding GSAP.
  11. Hey guys, need some help. svg symbol with draggable elements used so far - plain javascript? 1.20.3 tweenmax.min.js 1.20.3 draggable.min.js ok this is not crossbrowser - so look at this with latest chrome! sometimes things are jumping. -> screenshots from my pen (click, click drag - heavy tested)
  12. Playing around with some pseudo 3d boxes.
  13. another gif animation inspired pleasure.
  14. A little bit of fun, inspired by a gif animation.
  15. Hi, I am new to GreenSock (GSAP) and fiddling around with draggable. Looking at example code on codepen - I cannot find a demo where an svg symbol referenced by <use xlink:href= is handeled by draggable. For now my question is - Can draggable handle an referenced svg symbol ? - Mike