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  1. Thankyou so much @Sahil this really helped me implementing the effect. Thankyou
  2. @Sahil there are I think two backgrounds running in this site http://brightmedia.pl/ . I think one background is fixed and one background is moving which is showing the effect. Can we use this code to create a similar effect like in this site ? Also can you please explain gyroscope concept ?
  3. I am trying to create a website using the background effect exactly similar as implemented in this website, http://brightmedia.pl/ . On inspect element the div that creating the parallax effect on background from mouse move and scroll as well, we can see that it is changing the translate3D() property of the element on mouse move. Please guide me how can I achieve this same background effect?
  4. I want to animate the home page of my website like this one : http://discoveroutpost.com/ I am using GSAP TweenMax function but unable to get the smooth animation like this. I am also trying the ScrollMagic Library for it but still no luck. Please guide how can I achieve this. Thanks in advance.