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  1. Let me first cheer this forum; I appreciate the quick replies and time and effort that is spent in providing answers a lot! ? Interesting insight about the double load of GSAP; the 2.0.1 inside the div is the one I put there in the builder (as they advice to do); the second one then must be part of the theme indeed. But without me adding the script; the animation doesn't work.. so in that case that's something to ask the theme builders. You helped me a lot and I'd like to ask two closing questions for this post: 1. Is there also a double transformation (CSS an
  2. @GreenSock Thank you for the interesting insights. Although your answer makes a lot of sense, I do have remaining questions: For the animation I only refer to TweenMax; 1. as far as I understand, the CSSPlugin comes with the TweenMax, am I correct; so how can it be in conflict? 2. which would mean that the building environment I use (semplice theme for wordpress) refers to the CSSPlugin; can I overwrite that reference? 3. My apologies if this should have been clear from your answer; has the conflict between the transform attribute and the CSS transforms onl
  3. My guess by the way is that it's a timing issue, maybe due to my code, but I can not figure it out..
  4. Yes we noticed too; strange. Hope you can find something. Thank a lot in advance ?
  5. Hi Carl, thanks for the quick reply I should have done that in the first place, but here it is: http://grip.studioinherent.com/tweenmax-new http://grip.studioinherent.com/tweenmax-old The first link refers to the 2.0.1 library the second to 1.18.2 -Now when clicking the eyes of the blue image: the white dashed should rotate continuously; as you can notice in the first link (new library) they aren't, in the second link (the old library) they do; -When clicking the eyes in the yellow image: each word should wiggle every time the purple dot
  6. Hi GS, In advance my apologies for only posting questions that are maybe a bit difficult to troubleshoot; but I shout out to your experience I've created an interactive image (click on eyes, brain and other parts of the image :-)); -now when I implement it in my webbuilder (I use the Semplice module in Wordpress) it works perfect when I refer to TweenMax 1.18.2; -but some animations fail when I refer to TweenMax 2.0.1; The problem is: when I make a CodePen they both work perfectly fine! -so most likely there's something with the webbuilder that's in conflict w
  7. Hi GS, I've got another question for some thing I'm trying: In the codepen I've attached you'll see a quick set up for something like a pong game. I managed to get the pong-handlers to move on click Now to move the ball I was just exploring to use the ticker and the ball position++ - Is there a way to change the velocity of such movement? Of course I have a lot of other challenges ahead, like the collision detection and the direction of the ball; But that's for later (most probably I have to consult the forum again :-)) Hope
  8. @Carl Thank you and thank you very much for the quick response, much appreciated. Yes, I indeed thought so too. I'll see what happens if I manage to reproduce it on a smaller scale; however I set up each player independently before copy them to the production environment. They all work(ed) fine. I guess I'll go along with your best guess; which does help me – It's good to know you didn't see the weird line; and positive that I most probably didn't use GSAP incorrectly. I think for now I know enough, thanks again! Dennis
  9. Hi GS, This can be a bit of a difficult question; I hope not. I've created a page with 24 different svg GSAP animated "audio players". (see: www.dennisvangaalen.nl/clockworks ) I used the Semplice module in wordpress as a framework with custom javascript for the players (all SVG is code). Now I've noticed that at the edge of some of the players (of the most right column) a strange slowly appearing white flickering pixel line shows up, only when playing the timeline/audio. It's only doing this in Chrome I believe. I found some things about -w
  10. Thank you very much! I really appreciate the quick response and insight you gave me, that really helps a lot to understand it.
  11. @OSUblake Thank you for your quick reply! I'll look into all of your suggestions They look very helpful. I'm glad you mentioned the difference between changing the x y attributes of some elements and translate; since I indeed figured the rect and circle were being translated by the mouse position. As for your questions: In this case I was trying to rotate the ball around it's bottom right corner (transform-origin: 100% 100%). Since the ball position follows the mouseposition; I hoped to see the ball continue to rotate around it's own corner. I changed the pen and ap
  12. Hi, I'm getting more and more familiair with GSAP and JS, but I'm only diving in to it since last week. Now I was playing around with the TweenMax.ticker and mousemove event based on: But I got stuck on trying two things: 1)move SVG paths in the same way as the circle element; I did get the rect element to work by changing the cx and cy into x an y, but I don't know how to interpret this with a path position, since the ticker event does not seem to work if I give the SVG group tag an id. 2)I attached a codepen sketch based on the pen from Blake Bowen; as you can